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Jinhua Meiju Family-use industry Product Co.,Ltd always bear in mind of being “clean, healthy, natural”, ever since it came into being. We have got a series of natural, environment-friendly bath and personai care production through our researcn and development Our company main products are bath sponge. bath mesh, sauna towel and so on Which are made of gree and high-tech materials, Which makes the natural, environment-friendly products step into thousands of familie, allows the essence of nature to Shape our harmonious life. Walking into Meiju, your dream of having “clean, healthy and natural"  home wiii come true.

we are down to earth  with great care; we are broad - minded with great ambition. Facing the future, we only have one aim: via our own ability and contribution to the society, shape the excellent brand of Meiju by our motto--"integrity and quality”, enjoy the great prestige in the wo rld. We firmly believe that: Our Meiju company will realize great-leap -forward development th roug h our steady step, sense of urgency and self-esteem. During the production and management.....

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Add:JinDong Economic Develoment Zone ,JinHua Zhejiang China

Tel:86-579-82912288 ,82910508

Fax:86-579-82911136 ,89177557


Sale Room:Store #35631,1 Street 2F 85 Door 4 Area 3Period International Trade City  


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