Take a shower is best not to use nylon Cuozao towel

2018-04-29 10:24:00 zhongqi 1

People used to take a bath, always like to be able to use nylon gloves into Cuozao towel, most people think this way from bath to wash convenient and clean, but also save a lot of effort, but the fact is that the bath should use a soft towel, best not to use nylon Cuozao towel.

The reason why no nylon Cuozao towel because nylon Cuozao towel is not the time, such as excessive force, often make yet fully keratinized skin cells premature exfoliation, cuticle even completely stripped, exposing the bright red of the granular layer or spine layer of the skin, the skin barrier protection greatly reduced, the body is vulnerable to the external environment such damage, but the long run is also easy to accelerated aging of the skin, so I do not advocate a bath towel with Cuozao.

Now, more and more people abandoned the original ordinary towel, towel use from the Cuozao. However, scientific surveys show that in addition to convenience, the nylon Cuozao towel little skin health benefits. First, Cuozao towel hard and rough surfaces directly damage the skin, epidermal keratinocytes layer is rubbed too much and fall off, the protective effect weakened. Secondly, the use Cuozao towels, bath towels, if not pay attention to health, but also the spread of some skin diseases. Share it with others, especially Cuozao towel, the risk of infection more often used Cuozao towel, but also prone to boils, impetigo and other skin diseases. Therefore, many doctors urged people to caution or not nylon Cuozao towel, even if can not be forced rubbed, but can not share a family Cuozao towel. Choose good quality Cuozao towels, bath towels attention of health, the use of too much force, you can easily removing dirt and horny body, it will not hurt the skin, and makes the body feel refreshed.

Special attention is required, dry skin or suffer from winter itch, ichthyosis patients with disease, psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo and other skin diseases and should not use nylon Cuozao towel. As a result, if the use of nylon Cuozao clean towel over, a lot of it will rub off the skin surface has a protective effect of skin cells, and wash away the chemical conversion coating of sweat and sebum common form, leading to exacerbation.

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